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September 2002
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"Truth is more fundamental than atom.Every star manifests the truth to the wise."
  One day a shepherd boy found a glittering stone while tending to his sheep. He was fascinated by it's brilliance and thought it would be very nice to track his sheep with this glittering stone and tied it around it's neck.
One day as usual he was resting under a tree. A man saw the glittering collar around the sheep's neck; he came to the little boy and asked him to sell the stone for fifty bucks. The poor shepherd boy was very happy to get 50 bucks for a stone and gave the stone to the man. This man happens to be gem dealer and knew the value of this shiny gem stone.
He thought of selling the stone at the store for one hundred thousand bucks. Suddenly, the gem split itself into pieces and he heard a voice telling him," Oh man, you cheated the innocent boy, who loved the gem not for the value, but for it's beauty. You robbed it from him for the price of a glass bead; you are greedy and not worth possessing this gem. Trickery and deceit can bring fortune but not the true happiness. Only honest dealings shine like the sun and give peace and joy.
September 2002
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Integrity All things in nature observe their laws.
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Respect Stars are many, sky is one; beings are many, and breath is one.
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Wisdom Truth is the current, selfless love in the bulb.
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Unity In Diversity Water is the same in mid ocean or it's waves.
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Self-Reflection As the fog before the sun, ignorance melts before the knowledge.
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