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September 2003
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"Truth is a fundamental principle. Truth liberates, truth is power, and truth is freedom. Truth is the lamp that illumines the heart, dispels doubt and darkness. Man should honor his pledges that keeping his promises is the greatest treasure. Sanctify today and tomorrow with thoughts of service with love. Let this be your sole practice."
Did anybody think that what we are today is the result of what we experienced in our environment from birth through the first 12 years? We learn to live through adaptation for survival, to create more of our own images and to protect the clan/ group of us. Alas! Recently we see more family members hate each other, no unity and even resort to killing. We see more dis-ease. For a moment, if we pause and reflect on our thoughts and reactions, we may even develop good physical body, emotional and physical health. Then we can really create an intoxicating wave of love, compassion, concern and good thoughts, words and actions. Our 5-senses take sights, sounds, smell, taste and touch to the hindbrain, and mid brain - A transmission system.Then there is a memory system that has retrieval system, referencing system and an infinite storage capacity. Perception system grades the sensory input. Then there is mid brain reaction system, mostly motor. Higher cognitive sensory system has the discrimination and judgement.When thoughts lead to anger, jealousy, hatred, and miscellaneous mood swings, the higher brain function discriminates and brings back the normal state of mind and being. This is called
homeostasis.The human body remains healthy because of this, inner balance - "Homeostasis" which constantly happens without our knowledge.Lungs take fresh air, keep oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide 16-20 times/minute. Kidneys filter and excrete unwanted chemicals. Intestines discard unused, unwanted food and White blood cells are destroyed every 8 hours and create new cells, Red blood cells are destroyed every 120 days for new cells. But why does the mind keep unwanted emotions? Is this not what is causing emotional and physical Dis-Ease? Why can't we bring Homeostasis by using higher brain-function, of the hippocampus, amygdala and the frontal lobes? If only the 5-senses are discretely used for good sensory intake, human beings will create a heaven on earth! "Every second makes a new birth; it is a fresh chance for achieving a new victory. The chief duty of man is investigation into the inherent truth in creation, through love, dedication and enquiry, with undeterred faith in the self."

September 2003
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Self-Inquiry "Adversity extracts talents that remain dormant in prosperity." - Horace
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Accuracy "Observation than books, experience than person is the prime educator." -Celcott.
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Intuition "Pure love transfixed in heart, drives away the super-animal in human being."-SAI
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Self-reflection "Thinking, discriminating and practice are prime human characteristics."-SAI
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Reason "The great hope of society is individual character." - Channcoy
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