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October 2002
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"Service will develop humility. Wisdom grows where humility prevails. Crisis of character is due to neglecting this aspect of education."
  George Washington is looked upon as the father of the U.S.A. His great desire was to serve the country and the fellow men. He had a noble heart and was a brave soldier. He became the head of the American army, during the war of the Independence. One day George Washington was making rounds to oversee the military camp functions. He saw a captain ordering 6 soldiers to lift a very heavy metal pole; they felt they could not handle the weight, but the captain was forcing them anyway. George could not bear to see what was happening.
He went to the captain and asked him" the beam is heavy, why don't you help them a little." "Oh! It is the job of the soldiers. Don't you see I am the captain?" came the reply. " I am sorry. I did not know", said George, got off the horse and helped the soldiers carry the beam till it reached the final destination. He came back and spoke to the captain, " Captain, next time when you have such a job and not enough soldiers, send for me, I will come and help. I am the head of the American Army." Captain was shocked and before he could open his mouth George was gone. All men are equal. Love and respect for a person are not dependent on the jobs and duties one performs, but for the human qualities in them should be respected.
October 2002
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Self-Reflection As the fog before the sun,ignorance melts before the knowledge.
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Fortitude Stand on the inner strength, unmoved by praise & denigration.
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Charity Charity is the true jewel for hand.
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Humility Ability to work in happy unison with others.
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Obedience You may not oblige, but speak obligingly.
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