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October 2003
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"Right Action will protect one who is righteous and harm the unrighteous. Victory is certain for the righteous."
A flock of geese lived in a huge big tree near a river. Among them lived a wise old gander. One day the wise gander saw a creeper that has been growing around the tree that they were housed on. "Look at the creeper! It is sure to pose a danger to us. Let us cut down when it is small. When it grows to be strong and thick, humans can use it as a rope to climb the tree and catch us. The old wise gander warned the geese. "Oh. Let it be for now! ", Other geese said and flew away. Mean time the creeper grew long, strong and thick. One day, when the geese had flown away in search of food, a hunter climbed up the tree with the help of the creeper and laid a snare among the nests. Geese got caught in the snare when they perched back on the nest. Vexed old gander said, "see, you
did not listen to my warnings.If you had a little discipline and industry, when I warned, this would not have happened!" "Please tell us what to do now?" geese pleaded in desperation and fear. "Listen carefully now. Do not act with fear, but discipline yourself not to fail in the attempt to escape. When the hunter returns to the tree, pretend that you are all dead. Do not move a feather. Hunter will be happy that he was spared the trouble of carrying the live geese down. Instead he will throw us down one by one. When the last one is thrown, all of us will getup and fly together. None should move till the last one is thrown down". Hunter came back and noticed that the geese were limp and still. He thought they were dead because of starvation and thirst. He flung one by one to the ground after freeing them from the snare. When the last goose was thrown down, all of them got up and flew to far off places. "Bird depends upon the strength of its wings and not on the strength of the branch it sits upon".


"Surrender to the belief that my knowing is a small part of a wider integrated knowing that knots the entire biosphere on creation."

Bateson & Bateson 1979 p.88
October 2003
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Intelligence "High intellect holds two opposed views in balance and function normally." -Fitzerald
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Healthy Living "It is not the standard of living that is important but the manner of living." - SAI
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Dependability "Be clear and content; moderate and wise; vigilant and steady; earnest and sweet." -SAI
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Courage "Realized men bear the pain, evil and pleasure with courage and submission." - T.H.Huxley
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Helpfulness "Hands that help are holier than the lips that pray." -SAI
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