Society For Assistance International
November 2002
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"Though peace is the very nature of man, anger and greed succeed in suppressing it. Remove these vices to let the peace shine in it's own effulgence."

Transform the I and move
to the
WE in the family.
Then let the
WE Be merged
with the
in the community through service and expansion LOVE.

When there is Righteousness in the Heart,
There will be beauty in the Character.
When there is beauty in the Character,
There will be Harmony in the Home.
When there is Harmony in the Home,
There is will be Order in the Society.
When there is Order in the Society,
There will be Peace in the Nation and the World.

November 2002
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Satisfaction Mastery over senses confers inner peace.
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Self-acceptance Bear troubles and trials without complaint, haste & impetuosity.
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Equanimity Persevere with patience, trust and self-reliance in face of delay.
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Intelligence Inner peace promotes intelligence. Worry blunts the intelligence.
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