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November 2003
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"Sins are committed through the body, prompting comes from the mind and the senses execute them. Conscience is detached to the body, mind and the senses; it discriminates the acts with wisdom. Listen to the conscience."
Once there was a bull, which was a big bully any way. Did not mind the master or the children. Took anybody who approached him on the horns, twirled and knocked them down. None of the bull fighters could get closer to tame the bull. Frustrated angry boys and girls got together, dug a big hole and covered it up nicely with green brush and hay. Proud bull with it's head up, walked across that and fell into the hole. All boys and girls took sacks of dirt and started throwing at the bull. Some even threw stones and rocks. Bull started shaking off the dirt and avoided the rocks. Suddenly the bull realized that the dirt and rocks formed a good medium to fill the ditch. It patiently waited while the angry crowds threw more dirt! As the bull was calmer, more dirt came on its way! Finally when the ditch got filled up enough for the bull to jump out, it shook the entire dirt off its back and proudly left the site. "Realized men bare pain, evil and pleasure with courage and submission, self-reliance, humility and self-confidence."

November 2003
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Self-Respect "Live on your own earnings and resources." - SAI
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Humility "Brave actions never want a trumpet. The act is all; repetition is nothing." - Goethe
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Self-Confidence "If you know the road and goal, you will know your progression." - SAI
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Self-discipline "Discipline is the mark of intelligent living." - SAI
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Self-discipline "Discipline is the mark of intelligent living." - SAI
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