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May 2002
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"Do not search for truth that exists all times and every where. Live a truthful life; do not search for it."
  Once upon a time, all the animals were very much concerned about the claimed superiority of the human race over the animals and the soverignty over the entire universe. They felt that , given a certain chance to speak up, they will prove how inferior Human race is! They went to the lion and asked to hold a conference. Lion called for a conference of all the animals big or small. 1st day of the conference, fox represented the animals as a spokesperson for the day and made the following points.
  1. Men and animals are alike in being born through the mothers womb. Why are we animals and they HUMAN?
  2. We can not accept that we are foolish and they are wise.
  3. We have no speech and they do! Of what highest purpose speech does if they are using it for small talk and abuse? What are we losing by not having it?
  4. We are called as cruel. We do not harm any being till we are hungry. We are considerate and never hurt any being till we are hungry. No injustice or corruption is done against any creature to make our fill. We are less cruel than men.
  5. Dog got up to say how faithful, loyal and loving they are compared to the human beings. In return, human beings feed them cheap left over food usually and this is their ingratitude.
  2nd day conference:
  1. Tiger got up to say how the skin of most of the animals is used after their death, how useful the nails are as jewels.
  2. Elephant got up to say how majestic they are and how every part of their body, including the tusks are useful for man. How elephant's Ivory tusks are expensive.
  3. Fox got up to say how the meat of the animals feeds the other animals and humans after death, whereas human body rapidly decomposes and stinks right after death and need to be disposed off quickly.
At this lion got up majestically, fully agreeing about the facts brought forth by the animals, and made one last statement to all the animals," My friends I agree with all that you are saying. Please do not forget that we act on our instincts and human race is the only race that can reflect and respond on the reactions. They are the only race that can change their behavior. We can not change our behavior. "
May 2002
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Belief Self-confidence is exercising the wisdom, while using the freedom.
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Justice Perform actions with the highest regard for the human sacredness.
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Reasoning Result of reasoning is equanimity of mind.
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Spirit of Inquiry Evolving with every opportunity to the highest self.
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Commonsense Every expression is a training ground; not an end itself.
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