Society For Assistance International
May 2003
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"Floating boat in the water is good. Water in the boat is undesirable. Diving in the world is needed for humanity. Humanity is lost if the world fills the mind"
Sam had been anxiously waiting since he was 5 years old to get that special gift for Christmas, a new outfit. Tomorrow will be Christmas. No sign of his father by 6 p.m. He went to his mom and asked ," will dad definitely get me a new dress this time? "Yes, surely he will," replied his mother, busy baking cookies. "But last year, dad promised and did not buy me the shirt as he said he would?" "No Sam, please be patient. He will get your outfit this Christmas". He could not wait any longer after 9 p.m. and fell asleep with hope and anguish. Early in the morning , he could hear his mom in between sobs, how his dad spent all the money on drinking and forgot about Sam's Christmas gift. Sam's father was making excuses. Sam's eyes filled with tears and heart throbbed with disappointment. Sam and his mother started saving a quarter each day in a piggy bank. This way, his father would not get money for drinking. It would be easier saving 182 dollars for Christmas gifts. Sam anxiously counted down each day to Christmas. Sam and his mom were getting ready to go for shipping on Christmas Eve with the heavy piggy bank. A friend of their family came running to them and informed about Sam's father 's drunkenness and a terrible auto vehicle accident. Sam and his mom ran to the hospital.
Although they had insurance, medicines were not paid for. Sam looked at his mother's sad (grief stricken) face and volunteered his Christmas savings money. He happily handed over the piggy bank to his mother in the hour of the need. - Vasan wisdom stories

"A diamond can not be polished without friction, nor the man without trials." -SAI

"The experience gathered frombooks though often valuable are but the nature of learning, whereas the experience gained from actual life is the nature of wisdom."

Samuel Smiles
May 2003
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Gentleness "Gentleness corrects whatever is offensive in our manners" - Blair
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Curiosity "It is the sign of vigorous intellect." -Dr. Johnson
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Self-Awareness "Adversity extracts talents, that remain dormant in prosperity." - Horace
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knowledge "The quest for righteousness is oriental, the quest for knowledgeis occidental/an unexamined life is not worth living" - Plato
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Integrity "A small mean thought should be ripped vigorously and instantly." - SAI
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