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March 2002
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"For lasting peace and Joy, you have to give up pursuit of sensory objects.
Life is holy and sacred; go through it with joy and happiness."
  Budha was under a tree meditating one day. A king passing by saw Budha, not knowing who he was, got off the horse and scorned at him to open his eyes and prostrate in front of him, as he was the King of that kingdom. When Budha ignored that , he felt outraged and started shouting ill feelings about all the saints, " you saints are idlers, eating off of the rich people, lazy to work for a living," and continued on along these lines for a while. Finally, when the king felt exhausted and had no more to say, Budha who remained calm all this time said to him, " sit down my son, you must be thirsty and tired, may I fetch some cool water from the stream?"
With this, king realized that this could be the Prince who had given up his empire for enlightenment. King asked how Budha could remain calm and loving, despite of abuse. Budha said, " My son, if you offer sweets to another and they were not accepted, where will they go?" King replied that they will go back to the giver. "I have not accepted a single word of abuse, how can I feel the hurt?" Budha continued, " anger, lust, greed , jealousy, fear, ego all such feelings rob man's happiness. Contentment, peace, love and self acceptance are the basis for true happiness in life."
March 2002
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Attention Attention is the end result of sense control and inner peace
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Contentment Man who has contentment is the richest man.
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Calmness Hear all, say nothing. Give all, take nothing.Serve all, be nothing
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Dignity Earn virtuously, yearn piously
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