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March 2003
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"Flame flickers in the wind. Flame burns steadily without the wind. If blowing desires are controlled mind develops equanimity and stillness."
John and Jay were friends and neighbors in a big city, where crime and casualties are a common occurrence. They grew up together. John used to be a very happy, easy going, calm and relaxed individual. He used to work very hard during the day. Spent nice time with his family. Kissed his children good night. When he hit the sack, he used to be out like a light and slept like a log. He lived in a small home. Jay became extra lucky through his business ventures and became a millionaire and lived in a big house! He could not sleep well at night. He had to worry about his children, when they took their own car and did not show up on time. He had to make certain that all doors and windows were closed. Checked the burglar alarms a couple of times. Used to get exhausted in the morning, because of lack of proper restful sleep. One day, Jay had lot of compassion and overtaken by love and friendship, gave a big chunk of money and jewelry to his friend John. Jay was overwhelmed with this gift and talked about it all day. When the night came, he was troubled by the insecurity of protecting the wealth. He closed all doors, windows. He forgot to spend story time with his children. He had the worst insomnia, protecting the jewelry and the cash.
He had the worst insomnia, protecting the jewelry and the cash. As soon as the day broke, John ran to Jay with a big apologetic hug and returned the jewelry and cash. He said, "Your friendship is valueless. But, this gift took my peace and happiness away. Please forgive me for returning it". Jay understood and did not get angry. "Money can not buy Happiness"


"Courageous People command popularity through humility, show magnanimity, through extolling others, get involved with humanitarian causes and endure the atrocities of the unkindful men."

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Happiness "Learn to adopt, adjust and accommodate.Give and serve, not to take as the rule." - SAI
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Gratitude "Gratitude is a fruit of cultivation of the human heart." - SAI
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Contentment "Contentment lies not in wealth, but in few wants." -SAI
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Concentration "Attention with awareness makes one a genius." - Willmott
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Discrimination "Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. An angryman opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes." - Kato
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