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June 2002
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" WATCH - your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart."
  An ant was caught on a dry leaf that is being carried away by the current of river water. It silently cried for help. A bird mistook the leaf for a frog and came diving in carrying the dry leaf on it's beak! The ant was delighted to land on the hard ground. It was very grateful to the bird and would "show gratitude to all birds," it resolved. One day, a hunter was pointing his rifle towards a bird to shoot it. Ant noticed what was happening, quickly crawled to the hunter and stung him as he was pulling the trigger. Hunter lost his aim and the bird escaped.
The ant had paid it's debt.
June 2002
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Gratitude Failing to express gratitude is wrong; showing ingratitude is sin.
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Will Power Stick to one thought, take to one path to realize the goal.
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Morality There is no morality highest than truth.
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Co-operation Do not give room for cast, creed and nationality.
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