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June 2003
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"Ants are self-less. Ants share the food as a group. How come, the human beings can not be like these little aunts unity of action?"
  There were crows who had no other work than spoil the grain filled crops & cornfields. Once, a white dove asked the leader of the crows "My owner is not feeding me well. I am hungry. Can you let me join your group? I too would fly with you and enjoy the good food." Crows were more than happy to have a dove join their group. They all had fun as they soared high and attacked many fields. One day, they saw a farm filled with rich golden crop of corn. They flew with all their greed and desire to fill. But, alas, they could not flap their wings and fly. They were caught under a big net. The dove, quietly thought, " whatever be the cause, the bad company and stealing had landed me into this trouble. Bad things do get caught one day or the other".  
"Evil friendship leads to troubles"

"At the expense of their work, good person helps others, average men carry on their work and participate in helping others, and demoniac minded people disrespect other's work for their need. What should we say about people who purposelessly disrupt other's good work?"

June 2003
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Endurance "What's a miss, I try to mend, and endure what can't be mended." - Issac Watts.
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Kindness "Kindness is the language, which the deaf can hear and the blind can read. "- Mark Twain
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Justice "Justice is truth in action." -Disraeli
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Initiative "The secret of success is to avail an opportunity as it comes." - SAI
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Individuality "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - SAI
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