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July 2002
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" Peace is the priceless possession of man, a shore-less ocean. It is the light that illumines the world."
  Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was an ideal teacher and lived in India in the early 20th century. One day an old lady brought her grand son who has diabetes and was deteriorating every day as he could not give up eating sweets and his disease was out of control. She wanted Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to teach how to comply and some how change his habits. Sri Ramakrishna asked that the grandmother come back in a month , meanwhile he would design a plan for convincing him that health is wealth, and that he needs to take care of personal health as a priority. A month later, anxious grandmother showed up with the same grandson. Ramkrishna Paramahamsa gave an advise to take care of health, which is the instrument to do majestic work and reach highest goals. Discipline and sense control and adhering to the resolution gives happiness and health. He advised the boy to stop eating sweets and take it moderately once the health improves. Grand mother wondered why Sri Ramakrishna did not give the same advise a month prior to this. Ramakrishan Paramahamsa explained that he himself was eating lot of sweets and he did not feel good about advising against eating sweets at the time. Now he had given up eating sweets for a month and he feels good about advising. What a strength of character Sri Ramakrishan had shown by practising what is preached, sense control and unity of thought, words and actions.  
July 2002
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Inner Silence Dis-ease is lack of body, mind and sense control.
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Optimism Optimism creates opportunity from disaster.
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Harmony Purity is the harmony of thought, word and deed.
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Ceiling on Desires There is no illness worse than desire.
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Joy Act with self confidence without seeking reward.
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