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July 2003
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"Peaceful endurance is itself the Truth, Righteousness, Self-realization, Non-Violence, an acquisition of wisdom; peace and endurance is happiness and compassion. This peaceful endurance is the root of all attributes"
Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer who had a horse. One day, the farmer's horse ran away. In the evening, the farmer's neighbors gathered and they said to the farmer, "That's too bad". And the farmer said, "perhaps." The next day, the farmer's horse returned and brought with it seven wild horses. When the neighbors gathered that evening they said to the farmer, "How lucky you are!" And the farmer said, "Perhaps". The next day the farmer's son was grappling with one of the wild horses, trying to break it in. Horse threw the farmer's son and he broke his leg. When neighbors heard what had happened, they said to the farmer, "Oh, that is too bad that your son has broken his leg!" And the farmer said, "Perhaps". The next day, the conscription officers came to the village in which the farmer lived, gathering young men for the army. They rejected the farmer's son because of his broken leg. And upon hearing this, the neighbors said, "Isn't it wonderful that your son does not have to leave to join the army!' And the farmer said "Perhaps".

Alan Watts - 1968
"Detachment and equanimity comes from the acceptance of out comes rather than not having a desire."


"Practicing non-violence, non stealing, holding on to truth, performing charitable acts, non interest and silence in matters of others, ceiling on desires, respect and humility towards elders, compassion on creation, accepting all scriptures, and doing good deeds are needed for reaping good results."

July 2003
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Optimism "Happy man discovers the bright side of all things." - P. Fabler.
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Equanimity "Master the inner world and be a mastermind." - SAI
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Patience "Virtue lies in watching a wrong doing, while knowing the right way." - SAI
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Faithfulness "Life without faith is an arrid business." - Noel Coward
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Self-Esteem "What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you." -Seneca
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