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January 2002
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"Truth is changeless, immutable and ever remains the same"
  Once upon a time a king wanted to have an exhibition of articles that would make people happy. Lot of articles were brought like flowers, fruits, books, musical instruments, sweets, ornaments etc. King went through all of them but his attention was caught by a clay model of tongue called "GOOD TONGUE." King sent for the sculptor to share the reason. Sculptor said, "Sir, all other things give momentary happiness. Good tongue through speech of soft spoken words of love and sympathy gives happiness forever. Gives hope and cheer to the suffering, strength and confidence to the weak and sympathy and love to the orphans." King gave him a bag full of gold coins with happiness.
Same king wanted to have an exhibition of the things that make people unhappy. The hall was filled with sticks, whips, knives, swords, thorny plants, bitter fruits, Poison, liquor, barking dogs, cawing crows and a clay model of big red eyes with a black tongue abusing a poor lean and a hungry man called "BAD TONGUE." Sculptor explains to the king, "My Lord, bad tongue can kill others happiness, joy, destroys their hope and courage and push them into pool of misery. It wounds the heart for ever and it is the worst enemy of man."
When tongue remains behind the teeth, it helps enjoy the food, can talk effectively and becomes useful. Out of boundaries it cannot function. So are the human beings, when they cross their boundaries.
January 2002
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Accuracy Every person has a purpose in life.
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Understanding Life's mission is to realize the inner self.
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Trust Trust the universe as the university and a best teacher.
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Faith Steady faith in the self prevents doubts.
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Goodness Good person has harmony of thought, word and deed.
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