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January 2003
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"In the hour of crisis, animal behavior is superior to human behavior that lost it's humanitarian value."
once upon a time in the deep forest a clan of monkeys lived happily and with prosperity.Their king was a just, truthful and noble ruler. Their main food was mango and the shelter was a mango grove. For protecting themselves from the hunters who loved monkey meat, they took extra caution to prevent mangoes from falling into the stream nearby, so that the people will not know about the mangoes and will not come searching for them. Unfortunately one day, a child monkey was playing rough and a delicious, ripe mango fell into the creek.The down stream current took the mango into the hands of a king's washerman. The washerman took the mango with a lot of pride to the king. King tasted the mango and wanted all the mangoes from the grove. He sent his men searching for the grove. King's men found not only surplus mangoes but also the monkeys.King's men started hunting for monkey meat now. The attack was severe. There were some monkey casualities. Monkey king in desperation found a creeper, tied it around him and swung to the
other side of the creek and held on to the branch.He commanded that every moneky crawl on this creeper to the other side to safety.

  The last monkey was the bad one who caused the trouble. As soon as he crossed to safety, he snapped the creeper. Monkey king fell to the ground. King who was watching this monkey business, felt touched by the monkey king's sacrifice. He ran to the monkey and said "Noble Soul. How painful it must be". Monkey king said "It does not matter, I did my duty with determination, sincerity and did not want to fail the trust of my clan. I am happy that they are safe" and took his last breath.

- Jataka Tale

For the pond to be pretty, Sun makes the Lotuses bloom . Moon makes Water Lillies bloom. Clouds give water unasked. Good men are selfless servants for human welfare.


January 2003
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Honesty "May the outward and the inward man be one." -Socrates.
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Sincerity "Sincere practice of the truth leads to self-trust." - SAI
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Trust "Self-trust dispels the shadows of doubt and anxiety." - SAI
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Understanding "Nothing in life to be feared, it is only to be understood." - M.Curie
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Discrimination "Discrimination instructs you how to choose your avocations and associations." -SAI
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