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February 2002
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"The heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight.
But they, while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night."
  Once Gandhiji was sailing on a ship and was spotted by a young English man who felt amused at the appearance of Gandhiji.
The vain English man went to his room and took bits of paper,wrote nasty sentences and drew funny pictures to annoy Gandhiji. He was upset about a half naked,bald headed,toothless old man going to England. He pinned all bits of paper together and went to Gandhiji. He handed over the paper and said,"you will find this interesting and useful. Read it and keep it with you."
Gandhiji calmly read every single word written by him and looked at the English man for a moment. He took the pin and threw the papers into garbage and said," I have done what you wanted me to do. I have kept the pin, which is the only interesting thing and useful thing you gave me.Thank you." English man was shocked as he expected Gandhiji to fly into a rage and create a scene.This incident permanently put a stop to his vanity and sense of superiority. He realized his mistake.
February 2002
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Determination Persevere without sacrificing the goal.
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Duty Do not harm anyone through thought,word and deed.
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Dedication Serve whom you love; Love whom you serve.
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Discipline Controlling the mind is the key to success.
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