Society For Assistance International
December 2002
"Give with humility, with modesty, seeking No rewards; give in plenty to a friend"
  Once upon a time there lived a lady in France, who was not rich but kind and compassionate. She used to cut down on non-essential expenses and saved it to buy blankets, only to give them to the poor. It was a unique service she was rendering. She used to go out at night in the winter season, looking for people on the streets, sleeping without a cover. She used to cover them with the blankets and quickly return home.
As she started doing this, magically more earnings came in her way; she used to save money to buy more blankets and helped cover more people. It puzzled a lot of people to see her go out only at night, and walk with her head bent down rather than have a proud chin up for doing such a noble thing. One person even asked her why she is not proud and happy about her noble work. Old lady replied, " My dear son, I had been blessed with riches from many sources; but I have only one hand to reach out and give. Is it not a matter of shame? How could I be proud?"
Always unpublicized charity and service, seeking no reward has it's own beauty and nobility.
December 2002
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Friendship Is expression of pure, ego less, desire less, noble, steady love.
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Sympathy Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray.
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Giving Giving is gaining. Gaining is grieving.
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Devotion Experience love and become love. Experience light and become light.
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