Society For Assistance International
December 2003
O nce upon a time, there lived in a small town a very poor tailor. One day, he had just enough cloth to make one coat while he was cutting the cloth he said, "May God help me survive from tomorrow". He cuts the cloth, to make coat and went to sleep. To his surprise, the next morning, a beautiful coat was stitched with glittering buttons. Both puzzled and amazed, the couple put it up in the showcase and soon after sold it for good price. Now he could afford to buy cloth for two coats. He cuts the material and slept. By next morning, the two beautiful coats were made and the tailor got twice the money. Like-wise his business grew. People from far off places came to buy these beautiful coats. One night both the tailor and his wife wanted to see who was responsible for these beautiful coats. At the stroke of midnight, many dwarfs entered the work place and started stitching the coats,while
singing with joy. Both the tailor and his wife did not share this secret with anybody. They became very rich in the coat business. One Christmas Eve, tailor's wife said, "Poor fellows, they are shabbily dressed. Let us stitch nice coats for them. That will be our Christmas gift." So they did, with a note pinned to the coats " to the most helpful being who made us very happy through love and compassion - from a humble tailor and his wife!" On Christmas morning, they found a note instead of the coats."Thanks for the Christmas gift, we really appreciate it. We hope that our effort, dedication and thought of love helped you and made you happy. Now we will find a needy person who can be helped by our effort" "Love never seeks reward; Love is it's own reward and award ." SAI
December 2003
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Sympathy "Attune your hearts so that it will vibrate on sympathy with the woes and joys of your fellowmen." - SAI
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Sacrifice "Desire destroys devotion, anger destroys wisdom, greed destroys work. These qualities must be sacrificed." - SAI
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Tolerance "Be silent yourself; that will induce silence in others." -SAI
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Dedication "Be a good actor in the drama of life with discipline, determination and dedication to duty." -SAI
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Thoughtfulness "All good thoughts create ripples of good words, visions and actions." - SAI
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