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  Child Maltreatment

According to WHO a child is healthy when there is physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual well being. If that is so, modern technology, affluence, opportunities have not created the balanced children , as we see the rampant crime rate and emotional ill health records of the current decade. 139/1000 children are exposed to maltreatment and 42/1000 have been harmed or endangered. Why are we seeing escalating youth unrest, aggression, violence, academic failure, substance abuse and promiscuity? We are seeing children beget children before they are economically and emotionally stable? WE certainly need to look at the affluence we created along with the nonhuman indifference and interpersonal connections that are devoid of Human Emotion. We are content with the TV screen and inter net influence. Often an invitation is devoid of warmth and welcome, as it is easy to reach through the cyberspace more efficiently. Yes! We lost the human touch! When human touch is lost, as we are the ascendants of the homosapien race, we are easily slipping or descending to a stage where we have originated from; this is clearly shown in the aggressive, non-reflective acts that are endangering our own clan. We are forfeiting the very purpose of Human Existence. All this is due to lack of mental health, which is lost while struggling for existence and success through self centeredness, unquenchable desire for power, fame, money, with ego/pride, jealousy, anger, hatred, envy and insecurity as the vices that are eating the roots of human nature and existence. Most important factor for physical wellness is mental health. Emotional disability ties into many physical illnesses like Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Eczema, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Enuresis, Encopresis etc.,. A mal adaptive, mental illness causes Physical Dis-Ease. CD 56, CD59 Natural Killer cells are suppressed secondary to constant stress and Nor epinephrine secretion, causing immune dysregulation. For a child to become an adult with adept working skills, many moral and physical strengths are required, all based upon a robust early developmental experiences that foster self respect, self trust and self acceptance with modesty and humility. This fosters personal integrity towards hard work with discipline towards duty with perseverance. 1out of 10 children have poor emotional health and only 50% of these children get proper help. If not treated these children suffer with poor emotional, academic, behavioral, neuro - psychiatric and cognitive outcome. This is the cycle of violence and maladjustment we need to stop by understanding itís pathogenesis and recreate an optimum Golden Age with Golden Opportunities for our children who will be going into the Middle to High School in the next 10 years. This is the momentum to conquer the awareness of the Neurodevelopmental organization concepts from WOMB to TOMB and make the policy makers bring about changes in handling the criminal justice system to the school systems. We need to look at 2 factors to stabilize the human behavior.


  • Genes: only 50% accountable, rest is unknown.
  • Chemical imbalance and substance abuse/use.
  • Injury
  • Metabolic disorders.


  • Intra familiar- functional or dysfunctional
  • Environmental.
  • Impact of T.V. & Micro wave.
  • Quality family time is lost, corrupt shows, sexuality, self centered focus, decreased family time, moral tone, and communication. There is increased burden for women and the chores she has to fulfill at home and work.
  • Unanswered Questions:
    1. Why marriage?
    2. Why children?
    3. What is modern childhood?
    4. Modern adolescent
    5. Changing roles for men and women or Husband and wife.
Parents are the first teachers & should model the childís behavior. Parents have to be the exemplars of well fit optimum individuals to be the role models- Be a precept before preaching.


  1. Environmental Manipulation:
    • Family
    • Home
    • School
    • Peer group
    • Parenting skills training
  2. Community based collaborative coalitions & Guiding Principles.
  3. Building Educational Programs to Strengthen Individuals and the Institutions to prevent violence. Violence is an experienced based behavior and youth are the solution to curb violence; Youth should lead the Youth.
  4. Comprehensive Legal, Judicial, Educational, Social and Mental Health services and changes should be effected.
  5. Neighborhood Programs: parent mentoring, parents anonymous, train the trainer programs, and parenting skills building programs.
  6. Child centered programs for building morality or character, despite the adversities in their life.
  7. Family focused interventions.
  8. Headstart interventions of the same.

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