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August 2002
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"Practice the vocabulary of love and unlearn the language of hate and contempt."
  Mohammad Gori invaded India several times. He was captured by the Rajput kings many times and was released as he requested to be pardoned. One such noble emperor was Prithvi Raj. He captured Mohammad Gori. Gori surrendered himself and asked for pardon and protection. Prithvi Raj pardoned him and let him go back to his country.
Gori was an ungrateful man. He restructured his army and invaded India and captured Prithvi Raj through deceitful means and mercilessly put out his eye sight. Forebearance is a virtue that should be practiced with discrimination. Each case should be studied by it's pros and cons. If something is not a potentially good circumstance, it is better to avoid the company and control the evil that can occur as a result of that individual through the legal means, rather than personally handling a situation and get into trouble.
August 2002
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Forebearance Start Early; Drive Slowly; Reach Safely.
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Forgiveness Forget the good done by you and harm done to you by others.
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Sevice Service is twice blessed; makes the giver and the receiver Happy.
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Self-lessness Love shines like sun on everybody alike.
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