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April 2002
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"All body parts are connected by consciousness; if a thorn pricks, eyes water;
as all countries of the world are interconnected, pain and suffering of one country affects all countries."
  Prophet Mohammad gave to the world a new religion called Islam, spreading the message of truth, love and peace. As is the case usually, some people opposed and rejected him. Among these was an old Arab lady. Mohammad used to pass by her house every day, while going home. Every day she used to collect a plateful of garbage and used to throw on his head. Mohammad was very patient and never looked up to show his anger or concern. Instead he used to smile and say," well, well, this is just a greeting." Sometime later, for three days in a row, the dust and dirt stopped falling on Mohammad's head. Mohammad was concerned that something bad had happened to this old lady. He went upstairs and knocked on this old lady's door. A weak voice asked him to come in. Old lady was very sick and bed ridden. " Mother," said Mohammad, "you seem to be very weak; have you been taking any medicine? How may I help you?" He left and brought some medicine in a bottle and asked her and asked her to take it three times a day.
With this incident , the old lady became very bashful and realized how loving, tolerant and forgivng Mohammad was. If not for these good qualities in Mohammad, she would have suffered. She changed from being mean to a loving, peaceful and a charitable person
April 2002
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Consideration Every experience is growth and understanding.
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Caring: Love in the manner of speaking and service of self-expression.
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Reverence Look deeply and see majesty in others.
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Helping Share the goodness around you and experience the joy.
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Brotherliness Treat others as kindly as you treat yourself.
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