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April 2003
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"Trees not only yield fruit all through it's life, but even after cutting down, trunk and wood is useful. Trees are the best teachers of selfless love (sacrificial love). "
  town suffers from frequent drought. Few Philanthropists got together, dug a well, connected the water to a pumping system and reservoir. They also arranged for a thorough water distributing system to all sections of the town. They were so proud of their generosity, benevolence and they decided to invite the State Governor to inaugurate the system. Governor agreed to visit the town and inaugurate the water delivery system. An auspicious date was fixed. The Philanthropists were elated. The pomp and show went on to create a portion of gold piping, gold water tap and silver cutters. Festoons and flags decorated the pavilion. Silvery shining ribbons were string around the golden pipeline and the water tap. Expensive musicians and entertainers were hired. Scrumptious meals were catered. Governor was real pleased with the hospitality and the decorations. Happily he gave the right kind of turn to the Golden Tap. Water did not flow as expected from the tap. Repeated turns yielded no results.  
Everybody deliberated upon why the water was not flowing. Finally a sharp young man realized that the Golden Pipe was not connected to the regular delivery system or the Reservoir. Like-wise, acts of charity do not call for pomp and show. The reservoir of love is the heart. If the giving of service is a true feeling generating from the heart filled with love, the results are automatically happy and endearing without publicity and pomp.

"Trees teach through giving fruit, clouds give rain, scholars are not proud of their wealth. These are the natural attributes of good and helpful persons."

April 2003
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Friendship "When a dove associated with crows, feathers remain white, but heart grows black." -SAI
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Consideration "We hate some persons, because we do not know them; we will not know them, because we hate them." - Editon
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Sharing "Charity is the virtue of the heart and not the hand." - SAI
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Generosity "He who gives when asked has waited too long." - Anon
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Gentleness "Gentleness corrects whatever is offensive in our manners." - Blair
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